Meet Lori Salch

Lori Salch, a dedicated resident of Aiken for over two decades, originally relocated from Florida as a competitive equestrian. The vibrant equestrian community and robust job opportunities drew her and her husband to this charming town. Aiken became the cherished place where they raised their family, witnessing firsthand the numerous advantages the area offered their children. The outstanding schools, thriving sports culture, presence of a local four-year college, and diverse community have contributed to nurturing well-educated and versatile young adults. As her children embark on their journeys, Lori looks forward to embracing the next chapter of her life in Aiken. This town, despite its small size, boasts amenities typically found in much larger cities, ensuring a plethora of activities and experiences.

Discover Your Ideal Home in Aiken with Lori's Local Expertise

If you’re considering a move to Aiken, Lori’s extensive knowledge as a long-term resident equips her to guide you and your family to the perfect home. From understanding the educational landscape to navigating commutes and identifying neighborhoods suited for families or tranquility seekers, Lori is your trusted ally in finding the ideal Aiken residence.